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  1. More wonderful regulation...
  2. Another BAD thing against us.
  3. Pythons in Everglades a low risk to people, state says
  4. Ohio's proposed regulation on exotics
  5. state regs
  6. And the bs continues
  7. Oklahoma Exotic Laws
  8. U.S. To approve Band on Pythons...
  9. Sold down the river
  10. FYI...
  11. Another chance to fight this ban...
  12. looky here... why it's douche bag himself's fb page!
  13. And ANOTHER shot... sign this petition and pass it on!!
  14. Overturn The Python Ban FB page
  15. Another Chance to Fight the Ban!
  16. What do we do now?
  17. Link to the Whitehouse petition that works:
  18. Save The Burms
  19. Confused please help enlighten me
  20. Rhode Island
  21. Illinois exotic ban includes ball pythons.
  22. Pennsylvania house and senate contact info
  23. Not knowing about the law and shipping burms anyway
  24. Sad day in Ohio
  25. Lacey Act
  26. We have another problem.
  27. Granite Burmese Python Ban?
  28. now trying the same shit in the EU!!
  29. Is it true ???
  30. Exotic pet rules get a lot tougher in VA
  31. Question ?? Export Ban ???
  32. North Myrtle Beach SC Bans All Reptiles!!!
  33. Horrible news for Louisiana residents
  34. Judge Allowing Case on Ban to Proceed
  35. Additions to the Lacey act
  36. Injunction update
  37. Injunction hearing
  38. USARK wins court appeal