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  1. Don't wait!!!!!
  2. Important!!!!! We can't let this happen!!!!
  3. H.R. 2811
  4. A Copy and Paste Letter.
  5. It is time Burmese Python people.
  6. The List that was posted by the Guys at U.S.A.R.K.
  7. Update on HR2811
  8. UPDATE ON HR2811 30 July 2009
  10. Found this tonight!
  11. NC Snake lovers lament Law
  12. About todays meeting in FL...
  13. Wildlife officials eye 'monster' 18-foot python in Apopka
  14. Time to get back to work folks.
  15. Conneticut is now a no no.
  16. From USARK..finally
  17. Averted Floor Vote on HR2811- Python Ban
  18. Florida senator proposes python ban
  19. Saw this on kingsnake forum
  20. I can eat a little crow.....
  21. As if we didn't expect this.....
  22. A snip-it from Roddas report!
  23. Link to a video from hearing on HR 2811
  24. report de-bunking the USGS report courtesy of USARK
  25. S373 python Ban Hearing Set!!!!!
  26. connecticut laws
  27. Check this out!!
  28. Someone else who should be informed of the ban.
  29. Another way to aid in the fight against S373
  30. ACTION: S373 Senate Campaign
  31. Connecticut state law.
  32. US Chamber of Commerce Opposes S373
  33. Want to fight S. 373? Here's how...
  34. CBO to Score S373
  35. What do you spend a year?
  36. i got a response from senator feinstein reguarding the python ban
  37. Please read and watch this S373 video
  38. Delaware BS
  39. Hey Burm people maybe we are not all nuts.
  40. Rhode Island
  41. Sorry for more bad news...
  42. FL ban bills in both house and senate
  43. Article from the LA Times
  44. Exotic movie at Arizona film festival
  45. 2 good Youtube vids involving HR2811 and S373.
  46. Response from Senator Herb Kohl (D) WI
  47. More dirty tactics???
  48. Even MORE dirty tactics?
  49. Georgia S303 shot down but now they get USARKS model legislation instead....
  50. Urgent Action Needed
  51. Update on Florida SB 318, a Florida Ban on Responsible Snake Ownership
  52. USFWS Proposes Rule Change
  53. My Response to the Recent HSUS Email Campaign
  54. Not sure how I feel.
  55. One Day Left!
  56. The HSUS' new comments
  57. Wow, the pythons are multiplying like bacteria now!
  58. USFWS Comment Period
  59. Ohio Legislation
  60. For Sale brand new Apple Tablet iPad 64GB---$250usd
  61. NEW Study Confirms Flaws in the Government’s Climate Match
  62. WTF? Why even do the studies?!
  63. This will really piss you off
  64. S373 Again?
  65. Indiana Bill 0280
  66. He's still haunting from the grave (metaphorically)
  67. HR 511
  68. They are at it again
  69. HR 511
  70. EU Non-Native Species Ban
  71. RED ALERT! Get ready to fight!
  72. USGS denies due process to reptile industry
  73. Bill Nelson at it again>> Red Alert
  74. Senator Listing for 112th Congress
  75. USARK win did not slow this one down.
  76. Virginia ban proposal
  77. Response from Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S.
  78. We need to support this guy!
  79. H.R. 511 going to committee TOMORROW!!!
  80. Response from John McCain
  81. Python ban
  82. Hr 511
  83. So any info?
  84. Not a good thing..
  85. Four years and counting.