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  2. An Open Letter to Dog Owners
  3. For the love of God can we take a break yet? NO!
  4. Captive-Bred Wildlife Permit Questions.
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  9. Animal Planet for or against us?????
  10. Check this dude out.
  11. Thought this was funny.
  12. Senator Demint and Senator Graham Office visits.
  13. Figure after my recent awakening I figured I would re post this.
  14. This one will make the on-lookers think.
  15. Terry Cullen
  16. Go New Hampshire!
  17. California Residents
  18. So now that there is some new blood in office
  19. Arizona law banning snakes???
  20. dorm or on campus housing
  21. Colorado law ??????
  22. Is science dead?
  23. The next threat...
  24. Interesting litigation going through
  25. Wilson County, Texas outlawed all non-native venomous and all boas and pythons
  26. have any of you heard of a new bill in SC to band all reptiles?
  27. H 3895 "dangerous wild animals act” sc
  28. Richland Center WI ordinance
  29. USFWS Categorical Exclusion