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  1. Since I get no response through e-mail.
  2. Welcome Ucowboy (John) to the team.
  3. Check this out right here.
  4. Full Comm Meeting Tomorrow link
  5. Another good bit of info from Colin Weaver.
  6. "Crooked as a Politician"
  7. Thanks for the support.
  8. Everglades pythons are just about wiped out..
  9. Thought this was interesting..
  10. Updates from U.S.A.R.K.
  11. Another line of attack
  12. Here's my letter...
  13. Another BS article
  14. Scumbag gets arrested
  15. Subcommittee contacts
  16. Only a matter of time for anaconda keepers!
  17. Fits...
  18. Good article on Everglades pythons
  19. Time to rebut some more garbage...
  20. Sen Nelson's dirt!!
  21. H.S.U.S. and the S.P.C.A.
  22. Breast feeding publicity
  23. HOAX!
  24. Fox News story
  25. Message from Florida Attorney General
  26. Cable guy gets tagged in Hollywood FL
  27. Emails
  28. Parents charged in 2 yr olds death
  29. Hollywood man meets a mamba...
  30. This is the kind of crap that will kill our hobby
  31. Vestavia and Hoover alabama
  32. Scientists kill federally protected bald eagles
  33. Yeah Andrew!
  34. USARK..From Daytona..YouTube
  35. Anyone Need a Job? U.S.A.R.K. needs you.
  36. Even the media is starting to question the hunt
  37. Letter to Florida Wildlife Commission
  38. FYI
  39. Bill O'Reilly is a nimrod
  40. Propaganda quotes
  41. Something new/added???
  42. In the OS paper..A map of legal venomous keepers in Orlando area
  43. Who is this guy?
  44. 3 Dogs Attack woman in Orange county FL
  45. Some people are idiots...
  46. I need some info.
  47. Pretty cool stuff.
  48. Well hell yeah! This is good stuff.
  49. Our good friends at National Geographic
  50. Talk about jumpin' on the Bandwagon.
  51. Seems this guy may be a good one to contact.
  52. Want to know what port pythons come in at???
  53. website
  54. Sick of Laws (bit of a rant)
  55. Letter to Senator
  56. ALERT: Python Ban Hearing for November 5th!
  57. S318 GENERAL BILL by Sobel
  58. HSUS ...At It again
  59. A little something from Rexano
  60. Study Material
  61. Another Letter
  62. Reply From Catherine Puckett w/ USGS
  63. A Pet For Each of Us
  64. Another good one.
  65. Just link up here.
  66. A package packing a poisonous bite turned up Thursday night in Pinellas Park
  67. Well isn't this a kick in the shorts.
  68. Here you go. Now let's get busy folks.
  69. Wake up and get on the phone. Call on your way to work.
  70. Since I have no clue what I am talking about.
  71. From Jeff Ronne
  72. HR2811 POSTPONED!
  73. Phone Calls Today
  74. HSUS Petition
  75. Andrew Wyatt and Dr. Elliott Jacobsen to testify
  76. We got a week
  77. Thanks
  79. National geographic article on hr2811
  80. Brand new site for the anarcist in you.
  81. Interesting article!!!
  82. Some people in Florida not crazy after all
  83. Time to pull out the stops folks.
  84. The Reptile Nation????
  85. Mutant python loose in canal in florida!!!!!!
  86. Andrew Wyatt has some explaining to do to SC folks!
  87. Pet/Animal Association
  88. Reptiles Magazine.. UNSUBSCRIBE!!!
  89. Hey Andrew let's talk cash.. The only language you know.
  90. I'm an idiot?
  91. Call me centimental...
  92. I have to say.........
  93. Thank God there are still some good ones.
  94. How many times has this happend?
  95. Since the Email I got I had a thought.
  96. Responses I have gotten so far about S373
  97. If this is so
  98. See what ya'll think about this group
  99. Call To All members here....
  100. Oppose Python Ban Campaign!!! Let's Get Rocking!!!!
  101. Nat Geo...
  102. Fingers crossed for TV spot in Columbia SC
  103. Anyone see this???
  104. Good and Bad News....
  105. Finally some TV exposure
  106. Alice cooper
  107. E-mails
  108. OMG I just figured out how much SC would be effected by S373
  109. 93.3 Metal show host wants to help US!!!!
  110. Reward Offered!
  111. Somebody For the love of God..Help him see the light
  112. Another idea.
  113. Wow even jack hanna thinks they can survive
  114. Still waiting.
  115. Junk science website and e-mail.
  116. Another news report
  117. Heads Up for the folks in GA
  118. Reptile March
  119. Prehistoric pets??
  120. Suspicious Python Release in Tampa; $18K Reward Offered
  121. Requesting meeting with SCDNR
  122. Just what we needed
  123. Republicans, Democrats and Reptiles
  124. It's a long one!
  125. Great youtube Vid!
  126. Reptile Radio Tonight
  127. Questions for Legislators
  128. We need to kick it into high gear after the Holidays.
  129. Fed-Ex
  130. Input needed: critique, corrections suggestions,...
  131. hsus
  132. Hit H.S.U.S. where it hurts em. In the pocket book
  133. Wow this is awesome.
  134. More Bul****
  135. This is upsetting
  136. Another story about the raid
  137. News about south carolina
  138. Questions...
  139. An article I recieved from Z today...
  140. Rexano FAQ sheet updated Draft.
  141. So far this is what I have found out
  142. return letter from Congressman Henry E. Brown, Jr.
  143. Bill of Rights
  144. Delaware joins the insanity...
  145. Thought this was cool...
  146. Declaration of Independence and Food for Thought
  147. Animal Planet performs another half-donkey job with their new propaganda ridden and u
  148. 'Benedict Arnolds' List
  149. Political Traitors To The Nation
  150. HSUS Expose
  151. OH damn this is too funny....
  152. SC H. 4218, suggestions/advice/comments
  153. African Rocks found in Fl
  154. Uh Oh!!! You make the call....
  155. Response from Rhode Island Senator
  156. Crap, crap, crap, CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT good! >:{
  157. SC Senator Demint Response
  158. Veal and Chicken Farmers said thank you to the Python Owners.
  159. Now Monsterquest is at it!
  160. A ray of hope?
  161. Mississippi Folks...
  162. Articles like these are why we have people against our beloved hobby....
  163. Who is the real enemy?
  164. Vote on s-373
  165. Well are we gonna get thrown to the wolves this time.
  166. I need a mole!!!!
  167. U.S. Department of Interior turns to Cryptozoology
  168. A Breeder's View on the Proposed Python Ban
  169. Anybody Out My Way?
  170. Senate bill 318 passes in Florida
  171. Special Interest push for S373....
  172. So, evidentally, we're sexual deviants...
  173. New Petition to Sign
  174. Illinois residents beware!
  175. Animal Standards
  176. AFH?
  177. USARK model in California?
  178. man dies after being strangled by 6-foot-long pet boa
  179. Missing python drama inspires exotic animal ordinance
  180. More agenda-driven science...
  181. Burm related agenda-driven science
  182. How irresponsible/stupid can the media get?
  183. Results of SREL python study released
  184. college debate on the saftey of owning a snake
  185. Rio Rancho, New Mexico - Animal Control
  186. For the Montana folks out there.
  187. Snake Owners See Furry Bias in Invasive Species Proposal
  188. Just ranting don't mind me.
  189. Kinder, gentler hybrids?
  190. A little disappointed...
  191. Why do we keep kicking ourselves in the nuts.
  192. Get ready!
  193. Another nail in the coffin?
  194. Contact Info for David Thomas
  195. Another Ave, to get the word out.
  196. USARK
  197. Fish and Wildlife are on our side... Kind of..
  198. Spartanburg south carolina looking to ban exotics
  199. NC Band on Dogs. Kill on site..
  200. S.C. Bill S 1204
  201. Pa is attempting a new bill
  202. Damnit...
  203. Really?
  204. the python ban article in "Reptiles magizine" june 2012
  205. Funny HSUS parody commercial
  206. All these groups out there asking for money to "help us"? And we are still screwed..
  207. Yay! No Florida Python Challenge in 2014!