View Full Version : 1.2 hypo Hogg Island Boas

02-28-2010, 10:24 AM
Well yesterday I got a great deal on some hypo Hogg island boas! A local breeder, that is unfortuneately getting out of breeding is selling off his collection, most females won't be for sale until after they have all had their babies. But I was able to get a proven breeder pair of hypo hoggs for $300, and he gave me a free little female hypo too! I wont be breeding them this year, as he said she bred last year, and he was giving her this year off. But anyhow, by mid March he is going to have a lot of babies (and after a few meals, and sheds they will be up for sale), and he said he needed some help finding himes for the babies as well as the females that are currently gravid, he also has a few males left for sale too! So let me know if anyone is interested in some breeders, or babies, and I will get you his contact information. I will get some pics posted of them later, have to get a few supplies, then clean cages & feed today, so pics are gonna have to wait for now. I just had to share my excitement!

02-28-2010, 11:45 AM
Congratulations! I love the Hog Islands.. can't wait to see them!