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03-11-2010, 12:16 PM
hello all just wanted to drop a few lines and intoduce my self :) my name is dawn and i have always had a love for reptiles :) but didn't start owning them until 2007 and now i have 17 snakes :) i currently own 6 corn snakes , 9 carpet pythons and I baby albino burm .. i had a 7 1/2 foot het albino burm but he recently passed way came home and just found him dead no reason at all i am still trying to pick up and move on from it but it was like losing one of the family:( any ways and i will be picking up a tiger retic very soon :) i can't wait :) i have no plans on breeding the big boys just the carpets :) my female diamon cross may be gravid so i am most excited frist clutch of carpets :0

any ways i just moved from baltimore ,md to charlotte NC with my job i work for us airways as a ramp agent yup i am the one who loses your bag ,er i means puts your bag on the plane and all the nefty stuff i love my job some times .. any ways thats enough i don't need ot bore ya'll with a book the other reptile site i hang on is iherp :) so thats about it hope to be chatting with ya'll soon :)

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Welcome to the forum!

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thanks guys :)

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Hello and welcome to the best forum, we are a big family here! Sorry to hear about your burm :(
Hope you start posting pics soon of your collection, we all love pics here ;)

03-11-2010, 09:00 PM
thanks guys for the warm welcome :) and marine i will have pics up of every body soon :) promise lol but i did post some pic of my little albino brum :)

03-13-2010, 06:48 AM
Hello Dawn, welcome to the forum, sad about your burm, like you sad they become a part of the family, also iherp'er myself, looking forward to seeing your cool-ection!

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thanks for the welcome :) martinarquero:)

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Welcome to the Forums, nice having you :)