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    We set a clutch record of 44 fertile eggs for the species..2013, 16 years later and it still holds.. A friend has been trying to top it and come as close as 38.. Sorry Bud your still 6 short, LOL.. Our best for this year is 36 and our biggest girl has yet to lay..;-) Bebe here is a 2005 and weighs in at 33 pounds and 74 inches of sweetness..With the Barkers / VPI calling for data you can bet we're crossing our T's and dotting our i's.. We have our fingers crossed Bebe hits the 40 or 40+ mark..
    Eggs due the end of April..

    Your not getting away..

    Not on my watch..

    You stay put until the maid service is complete..

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    great looking blood man,I had no idea a 7 ft blood was capable of dropping 30+ or even 40 + stuff.

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    stunning looking blood python! all the best trying to top your record!!

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    She is a beast. Love her colors. Can't wait till my girls are close to her size. Best of luck on your record. Love those stp

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