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Thread: how temperature dependent are boas when breeding?

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    how temperature dependent are boas when breeding?

    I know most of us are die heart python people myself included, but I have got a pair of Argentine boas my female is finally 5 so I thought I'd try breeding them this season. I know most don't cycle their temps for pythons but what about boas? I've talked to a few people with what they say experience in breeding boas and get the same answers I get from most breeders either they drop temps at night but raise it back to normal in the day some say don't mess with the temps so drop the temps all fall. What works for you here?
    This is my first attempt other than rattlesnake and turtles. Thanks for any help

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    Everyone does it different. It really depends on what you think is best, lots of trial and error with boas.. =/
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