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Thread: my iggy izzy just turned 7

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    my iggy izzy just turned 7

    My boy has been with us for 5 years now he went into season the 2nd year so we figure 7 yrs old. Injoy
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    Unreal just like a 7 dollar bill

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    I love iggies, but they can be a butthead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jermosh View Post
    I love iggies, but they can be a butthead.
    Yes they can. He has the run of the house unless we're going somewhere then he gets locked up.he's almost burnt the house down twice by climbing on other cages. The only time he's really bad is if the wife forgets to give him attention, he'll come out and shit on her spot on the couch. Its like he's sayings hay you f ed up again

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