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Thread: my newly acquired warm/hot ones

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    my newly acquired warm/hot ones

    I have been wanting a pair of these little beauties for some time now.the only reason I've waited is I promised the wife no more hots in the house. Well last week a friend dropped of his female burm to try breeding her to one of my males. It was also my b-day the next day so he handed me a tote with these in it. Who am I to turn down a present from a friend. Lol thank god the wife is understanding or I'd be in serious hot water.
    I will say they are the least venomous of all my hots
    The first it male then the little girl
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    Sweet, those seem to be a standard in venomous collections. It was our first and only.

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    Yep its were most start. Believe it or not these are my first after 40+ yrs of keeping venomous. I guess in a little back asswards you could say. Lol with all the talks and shows we do I had to get them. As much as I love our bigums the kids need to know what good and dangerous natives reptiles look like. For some reason people mistake corns and rat snakes for these all the time

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