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Thread: my wife's first attempt at breeding

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    my wife's first attempt at breeding

    I know most on here don't hold ball python's in high regards, but its not mine.she belongs to my wife. She was given to her from a friend who breeds high end ball morphs. He wouldn't tell us what she's carrying as far as genes go, just that she's got at least 3-5 genes in her all co-dom. We were told to breed her to whatever we want, just keep the offspring to breed back or to each other. Well as it wasn't my project I never pushed till this yr. I told the wife ether we breed these adults or lessen my feed bill by selling some. So she desided to put her pinstripe in with her. We are expecting eggs in about a month. This should be her pre lay shed she's in now. Boy she really looks miserable all swollen and tight. Hopefully the wife will get a few good pearly whites that go full term. Excuse the messy cage. I've been reluctant to clean till she comes out of her shed
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    Good luck on the clutch. Im not a ball guy either but she looks like a normal to me. Could she be HET for 3 - 4 genes?

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    Yes she's het. For what we don't know yet but looks like the wife will prove her out in another couple yrs.

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