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Thread: reptile horror story

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    reptile horror story

    We picked up a young pair of beardies yesterday. They were relinquished to petco after a maintenance man discovered them sitting on the back deck of a vacant appartment. Apparently the tenant was evicted and left them there. They were in a big exotera tank sitting in 2" of freezing water as it rained the night before and our temps dropped to 26 that night. It amazes me just what these animals can endure,just how resilient they can sickens me to see the cruelty of humanity.
    they seem to be doing fine, now that they are dry and warm (or I should say hot as its 110 I'm there basking spot.) If I could just get them to eat their veggies. I believe all they've had is crickets.

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    Sucks how so many reptiles are treated as disposable pets. I'm glad to see they found a good home.

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