We at the Texas Rattlesnake Festival have a goal to educate the public about one of the most misunderstood animals in the United States, the rattlesnake. The Texas Rattlesnake Festival was created so that the public could attend an event that celebrates and respects our local herpetofauna. We are aware that other events in Texas, and across the nation, also utilize the rattlesnake in their local events often called “roundups.” Our event is different in that no animals are killed, abused, or harmed in any way. Some of these roundups vilify the rattlesnake, adding to the public’s already inflated fear. Our goal is to seek reform. Practices such as gassing and indiscriminant harvest are not supported by the Texas Rattlesnake Festival. We would like to eliminate the public torture and slaughter to which many of these animals fall victim. We find the spectacle that is created by such actions provides a misconstrued view of how humans should treat other living organisms. The Texas Rattlesnake Festival hopes to ensure that our rattlesnakes and their environment will be here for many future generations of Texans to enjoy.