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Thread: children's python is doing great

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    children's python is doing great

    As some of you know I had to take my children's into the vets to have her eggs removed. Her surgery was done 2 weeks ago today. She shed Tue night and eat for the first time in months yesterday. It was only a small crawler but as long as its been I want to take it slow getting her back to her regular size pray.

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    Great to hear she's doing good. Were any of the eggs viable?

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    7 out of 9 eggs showed gains when I candled them the day we brought her and them home. I only expected 4 to be any good to be honest as the other 5 were really small and distorted looking. Those 5 have started to mold along with 1 of the better looking but still have 3 going strong and we are almost at the halfway mark. They have a short incubation period compared to a lot of others at just 45day so technically this Friday coming will be halfway. We had some really hot weather here the first week and I played hell keeping the cooker at the write temp but everything seems stable now so fingers crossed at least 1 will hatch

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